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  • NBC新闻:15岁女孩结束化疗

    2020-04-03 所属栏目:NBC news

    In these gloomy days some sunshine, a victory parade of sorts. As families gather at a safe distance from neighbors to cheer on their friend 15 year old Koko Johnson returning ho

  • NBC新闻:意大利医生给美国的建议

    2020-04-01 所属栏目:NBC news

    It seems the whole world is afraid of getting sick and for many in Italy it's more than just fear. Nearly 700 more deaths today, the total number of infected is about as high

  • NBC新闻:小兄妹用音乐陪伴邻居老人

    2020-03-30 所属栏目:NBC news

    I'm ready to hear music. In uncertain times, music to our ears. A front porch symphony in Clintonville, Ohio. Taran Tien, 9, and his sister, Calliope, 6, now home from school. The

  • NBC新闻:数千美国人被困他乡

    2020-03-30 所属栏目:NBC news

    Countries closing their borders. Travelers, including thousands of Americans, are stranded, struggling to find a way back to the US. The State Department tonight raising its glob

  • NBC新闻:新冠时期的诈骗招数

    2020-03-25 所属栏目:NBC news

    Want to know where the coronavirus hotspots are? This app for Android phones claims to provide real-time information. But internet researchers say when downloaded it locks your p

  • NBC新闻:疫情时期的善良

    2020-03-23 所属栏目:NBC news

    One nation hunkered down, but not without friends among strangers. We have a package for you. Chicago's volunteer "My block My Hood My city" has already delivered more than 1

  • NBC新闻:多地教堂因疫情暂时关闭

    2020-03-23 所属栏目:NBC news

    Tonight as millions of Americans search for comfort places of worship are taking unprecedented steps. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is suspending all public gat

  • NBC新闻:NBC建议人们隔离在家

    2020-03-19 所属栏目:NBC news

    For us, for we Americans it is counter-intuitive. In order to come together to fight against a spreading virus, We are being asked and encouraged to do the opposite, to pull apar

  • NBC新闻:冰球场上的浪漫爱情

    2020-03-16 所属栏目:NBC news

    First shot for the Black Hawks. The action on the ice was between Chicago and St. Louis. A face familiar. But it was the kiss cam that brought the crowd to its feet. 92 year old

  • NBC新闻:拜登和桑德斯争夺选票

    2020-03-12 所属栏目:NBC news

    Tonight the battle for the democratic nomination is cutting a path through the midwest. I don't think they're looking for a revolution. I think they're looking for re

  • NBC新闻:首只试管授精猎豹出生

    2020-03-09 所属栏目:NBC news

    Tonight at the Columbus zoo a scientific marvel with spots. Actually more like two little marvels to be exact. The world's first in vitro cheetah cub and then moments later t

  • NBC新闻:美宾州汽车撞进托儿所

    2020-03-05 所属栏目:NBC news

    At a pennsylvania daycare center tonight, the picture of danger. I heard that a car had hit the building so we had to come get our child. A BMW barreling into a classroom with 17 c

  • NBC新闻:一个9岁男孩的遗愿清单

    2020-03-05 所属栏目:NBC news

    Walking the beat honorary officer Carter Escobar of the Fort Worth Police. A giddy cop dedicated to fighting crime and his own rare cancer. I, officer Carter Escobar... I, office

  • NBC新闻:美国一喷气式飞机异常着陆

    2020-03-02 所属栏目:NBC news

    At Daytona Beach International a fiery landing as a small jet slides across the airfield shooting out flames and smoke. It's kind of Surreal to see the airplane skid over the

  • NBC新闻:数百人庆贺男孩被收养

    2020-02-27 所属栏目:NBC news

    Eight-year-old Nike could fill an album with family photos but these special moments of holidays and vacations are with a foster family. We got him when he was four. He showed up

  • NBC新闻:6岁女孩被送往精神机构

    2020-02-26 所属栏目:NBC news

    You're not no bad person. The edited body camera footage shows officers escorting a six-year-old girl out of school and to a nearby mental health facility where she would be

  • NBC新闻:美国6岁女孩不幸离世

    2020-02-24 所属栏目:NBC news

    Heartbreak tonight in Casey South Carolina. It is with extremely heavy hearts that we were announcing that we have found a body that the coroner has identified as Faye Swetlik. A

  • NBC新闻:5岁男孩遇火灾从容逃生

    2020-02-19 所属栏目:NBC news

    There's a new firefighter in town: five-year-old Noah Woods. Yeah I got burned, you got burned right here. Noah's family was asleep Sunday. His mom Tabitha awakened by th

  • NBC新闻:美国再出校车事故

    2020-02-17 所属栏目:NBC news

    It started like any other day. Kids on the ride to school. Until the moment no one saw coming. The violent impact of slamming students against the ceiling then pinning them in as

  • NBC新闻:美国东部出现特大冬季风暴

    2020-02-12 所属栏目:NBC news

    A week-long storm strengthened today, burying parts of New England and up to two feet of snow. Buffalo New York woke up this morning to icy conditions. The ice is the hardest par

  • NBC新闻:啤酒公司在酒瓶上印狗狗照片

    2020-02-01 所属栏目:NBC news

    Serving up the bow-wow Brewskis in North Dakota to help fidos in need find a new home. Who doesn't like dogs and beer? The folks at the Fargo Brewing Company have a soft spot

  • NBC新闻:美国6岁男孩结束化疗

    2020-02-01 所属栏目:NBC news

    Six-year-old John Oliver, J.O. for short, has always been a fighter. Fascinated with history, he loves dressing up as a world war II soldier, brave and strong. In real life he ne

  • NBC新闻:美国RSV感染患者激增

    2020-01-21 所属栏目:NBC news

    Tonight doctors on alert as hospitals around the country report a dramatic increase of RSV, a respiratory virus, especially serious in babies and older adults. It's not just

  • NBC新闻:波多黎各发生6.4级大地震

    2020-01-17 所属栏目:NBC news

    Terrified residents ran from stores and homes as a deadly earthquake rocked Puerto Rico. The ground shook at 4:30 this morning. A 6.4 magnitude earthquake. At a local Walmart ite

  • NBC新闻:女服务员获2020美元小费

    2020-01-14 所属栏目:NBC news

    At the Thunder Bay River restaurant in Alpena Michigan, one waitress was served a surprise. This doesn't happen to somebody like me. Danielle Franzoni had just finished servi

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